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Maximum Ranges: 20" Diameter Swing, 52" length, Bore depth to 7.5" for Drill Size less than 2", Bore depth to 6.0' for Drill Size greater than 2"

Rod Forming: Up to 1-1/2" in diameter.


Maximum Ranges: 25" Diameter Swing, 120" Part Length, Bore Depth to 24"

Drilling: Drilling and Tapping

Maximum Ranges: X – 36", Y – 18", Z – 17", Bore to 7" diameter: square blocks, wear pads, fabs, fixtures.

CNC Milling Centers: Milling keyways and circular interpolates; facing, and drilling.

Sawing of most sizes, square or round

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CNC Horizontal Lathes: Threading I.D’s/O.D’s, Grooving I.D’s/O.D’s, Boring

Maximum Ranges: X – 40", Z – 40", 360 Degree Rotating Clamping Bed 

Maximum Ranges: 16" Wide X 40" Length X 15.5" High, Table Weight 750 lbs, Grind Flat + – .0005, 16-32 Finish

Maximum Ranges: Up to 2.5" Diameter Drilling, Circular Interpolate Any Size, Deep Hole Drilling to 20", Tapping to 3" - 4" TPI with Single Point Tool Cut Any Size.

Mig Welding

Vertical Mills Milling: keyways and slots

Maximum Ranges: X – 59", Y – 29", Z – 29", Table Weight 1,300 lbs


We have approximately 40 different pieces of equipment designed to mill, drill, face, bore, thread, grind, weld, saw, etc. Please note that while we are showing the maximum ranges in each category, we can also produce parts with much smaller sizes. 


Lathes: Threading, Boring, Turning, Grooving, Facing Buffing

Grinding: Magnetic Chuck Grinding.